Alaska Border Collies


Welcome to Alaska Border Collies!  I breed Border Collies for personality and pet quality here in Wasilla, Alaska.   My pups have the potential to become great family pets as well as excellent working dogs.  They love to do-frisbee, agility, search and rescue, herding, and even ski-joring.  As long as these dogs have a job, they're happy.  My dogs participate right along with the family: hiking, canoeing, swimming, berry picking or just plain playing around.  The pups are raised surrounded by children and older dogs, so if you're looking for a friend, here are pups ready to be there beside you everyday.

-About Me-

       I was born and raised in Alaska (yahoo!), and am a Christian, seeking to serve and glorify God in every area of my life.  When I got my first Border Collie, I was 13 and very excited.  Buddy became my faithful pet from the first moment he slurped my face at the airport, and it'd be real hard to lose him.  My Dad bought Buddy a beautiful girlfriend and we started raising puppies.  I have learned so much since then.  Border Collies are unique animals.  They are wonderful creatures and make excellent helpers on the job.  My dogs came from down south, but they love the snow and wild land of Alaska.  My purpose in breeding these dogs is to provide people with the experience of having a smart and faithful animal to help them, and entertain them, wherever they go and in whatever they do. 


Our advice for anyone considering a Border Collie:

Please research this breed carefully to consider if this is the right dog for you.  You need to be able to take the responsibility to train and care for these dogs.  More than most breeds, they need a job to do.  They are energetic and very smart.  You need to spend some time with them everyday, especially when they're pups- training them to use their active brains well.  They require time, money, understanding, and love.  We ask that owners at least have the time to train, exercise, and maybe even do something (frisbee, herding etc.) with their dog.  As long as you can invest your time into this dog, you can have a fun and faithful pet.